Opening Tip: Should Knicks tank for 8th?

Every weekday throughout the season, ESPNNewYork.com will tackle a burning question about the Knicks in our "Opening Tip" segment.

Today's Burning Question: Should the Knicks lose intentionally to Charlotte on Thursday in an effort to get the eighth seed and a first-round date with Chicago?

Someone asked Carmelo Anthony late Wednesday night if the Knicks were trying to lose intentionally against the Clippers to fall to the eighth seed in the East.

He politely dismissed the idea.

"Oh come on man, next question," Anthony said.

Clearly Anthony doesn't think it should happen, but do you?

Do you want to see the Knicks go in the tank on Thursday in an attempt to fall into eighth place in the East?

Doing so would give them a first-round matchup against the Bulls instead of the Heat.

Of course, just losing on Thursday won't guarantee the Knicks the eighth seed.

They'd have to fall to the lowly Bobcats (no easy task considering Michael Jordan's club has lost 22 straight) and they'd need Philadelphia to beat Detroit.

If New York (35-30) and Philadelphia (35-30) lose on Thursday, the Knicks would stay in seventh because they own the head-to-head tiebreaker with Philly.

So there's no guarantee that even if the Knicks did tank against Charlotte they'd get the eighth seed. But do you want to see them try?

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