Matchup: Chandler vs. Anthony

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WHERE TYSON CAN EXCEL: One scout calls Tyson Chandler the 'emotional glue' of the Knicks -- an accurate assessment. In addition to providing some of the best defense around the rim in the NBA, Chandler gets the Knicks focused and fired up. This will be invaluable in the postseason. So will his experience last season against Miami in the NBA Finals. But, more important than that, Chandler needs to help on Bosh and keep Miami off the boards. He shouldn't have a problem there because he's done it all year as the driving force behind the Knicks' transformation into a top-5 defense.

"I think Tyson gives you all the intangibles -- he gets charges, rebounds, emphatic dunks. He's so active. Not that Joel Anthony isn't, but I think this is a distinct advantage for New York," the scout said.

WHERE TYSON MAY STRUGGLE: One veteran scout says the Heat are adept at taking away opportunities at the rim off of the pick and roll. This has been Chandler's main source of offense this season. In the Knicks first game at Miami this year, Mike D'Antoni bemoaned the fact that the Knicks missed Chandler at the rim several times, but the Heat seemed to take that away in subsequent match ups. Chandler had just eight field goals in the Knicks' last two games against the Heat, though he was injured midway through the second half on April 15 at Madison Square Garden.

Something else to watch out for: Chandler had 11 technical fouls in the regular season, tied with Carmelo Anthony for the team-high. With each possession and point at a premium in this series, Chandler would do well to control his emotions.

ADVANTAGE: Knicks. Tyson has been their most valuable player.

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