Davis on his back: 'Definitely a problem'

MIAMI -- While Baron Davis said his back is feeling better and will start Game 2 Monday night against the Heat, in the grand scheme of things the point guard's health is still concerning.

"This is definitely a problem," said Davis, whose back stiffened up in Game 1 from a combination of physical contact and a collision with Dwyane Wade early in the third quarter. "But there ain't nothing much I can do about that. I've just got to go out there and play smart and put myself in the right position all the time and just give it my all."

When Davis woke up early on Monday, he said his back was looser and there was less soreness. He then engaged in some back exercises to increase his mobility.

Davis said he doesn't expect a minutes cap tonight, and mentioned how halftime will enable him to "get some treatment and do some more stretching and exercising." But the key takeaway is that he's not 100 percent, and he won't be for the rest of the first round.

"Not close," he said. "But I've just got to keep fighting, man. This is do or die, so I think that's when your adrenaline kicks in. You just have to play with what you have and play within your means. It's a big game for us tonight."

Davis' injury represents just another health issue on the table for the Knicks -- Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries are basically day-to-day, Jeremy Lin is short-term and Iman Shumpert is more severe -- but he said it's something they have to overcome, once again.

"It's tough, it's real tough," Davis said. "We've been through so much this season. It's another obstacle, another hurdle, but we're all up to the challenge. It's just unfortunate that we're not at full capacity, but we haven't been all season, so it's kind of like the story of our season. We've just got to fight through this."

After Sunday's practice, Mike Woodson said Toney Douglas "without a doubt" could step into the rotation at point guard.

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