D-Wade messes with Bibby, yet again

MIAMI -- While Dwyane Wade said the Heat have had to make more adjustments game to game defensively because of all the Knicks' injuries, they have a bit of an advantage preparing for the opposing starting point guard in Game 5.

That's because Mike Bibby played about half of a season with the Heat last year, after he was traded by the Hawks and then released by the Wizards.

"Yeah, I know a little bit about Mike," Wade said, smiling, Wednesday morning at American Airlines Arena. "I know Mike has made more shots in this series than he made all last year. Send that to Mike [laughs]."

Wade was being a bit tongue-in-cheek, but if you asked him about Bibby right after Game 4, his mood probably would've been a little different. That's because Bibby's clutch 3-point shooting helped keep the Knicks ahead in the game down the stretch. With 1:08 left in the third quarter, he put the Knicks ahead 62-58, and with 1:23 remaining in the fourth, he put the team up 84-81.

That wasn't the first time Wade gave Bibby a hard time. Rewind to Game 2. With the score tied at 29 with 9:42 remaining in the second quarter, Wade and Bibby got tied up underneath the basket during a rebound opportunity. That led to Wade's signature Jordan Brand sneakers stepping on, and removing in the process, one of Bibby's shoes from the same company.

Bibby didn't realize it at first, but Wade did looking down. That's when the Heat All-Star actually picked it up and threw it to his team's bench. Bibby looked at him stunned, as Wade gave him a blank (but playful) stare as he backpedaled to the other end of the court.

However, Bibby, who was Wade's teammate last season, didn't appear to be amused, because the Knicks proceeded up the court (with no clock stoppage), and the situation further delayed his ability to get back on offense.

"Yeah, I surprised him," Wade said, smiling, during his postgame press conference. "I don't think many people have done that before [laughs]."

One local reporter was dying to know, D-Wade, where did the play rank among your favorite in the game?

"[laughs] I don't know. I've never done that before, but it was fun," Wade said. "A little messing with Mike. We're both with the same brand, too, so I told him he should have my shoe on. That's why I threw it. But it's cool. All good, all fun."

There was no comment from Bibby afterwards because he had already left for the team bus when the media arrived in the visiting locker room.

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