It's all on Jeremy Lin next year

MIAMI -- The last night of the New York Knicks' season, a dreadful night all around, actually started at the team's morning practice, where Jeremy Lin said something for the record he probably should have kept to himself.

Lin estimated his game and surgically repaired left knee were at 85 percent capacity. Nobody in a city of eight million grinders wants to hear that someone at 85 percent isn't willing or able to give 100 percent to a sudden-death cause.

No, it wouldn't have changed the Game 5 result Wednesday night, when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade scored a 106-94 victory that sent the Knicks to the putting green for good. Lin got swallowed whole by the Miami defense when he was healthy. He would've been just another New Yorker overwhelmed by the Heat's intensity, athleticism and skill.

But the most important Knick of 2013 fumbled his last possession of 2012, no doubt about it. Click here for the rest of the column »