Tyson: MIA 'more polished' than NY

Carmelo Anthony may think that the Knicks are a top four team in the East ready to compete with the Heat.

But not all of his teammates agree.

"We’re not there yet," Steve Novak said after the Knicks' Game 5 loss on Wednesday. "Miami is a team that I think went through the playoffs last year, had their ups and had their downs, and they’ve been through a lot together. And I wouldn’t say this core has been through as much."

Tyson Chandler said the Knicks have the pieces to compete with Miami. But the former NBA Champ seemed to agreed with the idea that there is a significant gap between the Knicks and Heat.

"They're more polished than us now," Chandler said, "Executing, setting picks, hard cuts, getting out on transition, defensive assignments; they were just much more polished than us."

Chandler said each Knick needs to take it upon himself to improve over the summer.

"Myself, Amare (Stoudemire), Carmelo, we have to come back better, be better leaders next year," Chandler said. "The entire team, everybody has to take a step forward."

When pressed about his assertion that the Knicks need better leaders, Chandler said, "we have to elevate our teammates. I think we have to do a a better job of getting everybody involved, getting everybody playing at a high level, and get everybody focused on what we trying to accomplish."

"It has to be a team effort. It can't be individuals, because when you play as individuals you don’t get very far."

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