D'Antoni admits issues meshing offense

For the first time since stepping down from the Knicks on March 14, former coach Mike D'Antoni spoke publicly about his decision and discussed briefly why he didn't want to finish the season.

In an interview with SI.com, D'Antoni confirmed that he quit and was not fired.

"I absolutely resigned," he told Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum. "I was in my car driving to shootaround and it just came to me. That's it. It's inevitable. I have to resign. We're not going anywhere. I made the decision then and there. I called Glen [Grunwald] and told him that I was coming in to do it. Then I called Laurel [his wife] to tell her. Glen called in Mr. [James] Dolan and I met them after shootaround and told them that I was resigning."

D'Antoni also admitted that his coaching philosophy -- spread pick-and-rolls -- didn't necessarily work with how some players on the team preferred isolation and post-up plays. He didn't call out Carmelo Anthony specifically, but he directly implied it in an answer he gave on the topic.

"Look, I've coached players who post up. Heck, Amare [Stoudemire] has been a post-up player. We used to post up Boris Diaw a lot in Phoenix," he said. "There are always things that can be done by mixing it up. Now, was it the best situation for my coaching philosophy? No. But there's never one answer for why things don't work out."

D'Antoni also showed his humorous side during the interview. In a response to what his wife's reaction was when he told her he was resigning, he said, "She told me I should stop at the store on my way home because we were out of milk."

Looking ahead, D'Antoni said he would be interested in coaching again, but not for at least another year.

"I'm not making a secret about that. I want to get back," he said. "But nothing is going on now, and the smart money says that I will hang out here [at his New York home]. Michael [his son] will be a senior and to let him finish and graduate would be one good reason to stay here for a year."

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