Carmelo feels 'quicker' going into London

In May of last year, shortly after his first season with the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony discreetly had an arthroscopic procedure on his left knee.

More than 12 months after that surgery, Anthony is starting to feel the intended benefits.

The Knicks' star small forward said on Monday he's feeling "quicker" during offseason workouts. And he's crediting the surgery for that added quickness.

"The doctors said it would take a year. ... I'm just now feeling the results of that full year," Anthony said during a UStream chat with fans to promote GotChocoMilk. "I definitely don't regret the surgery."

At times in his career, some have criticized Anthony for being out of shape. But that isn't the case this summer, according to Anthony.

He said on Monday he's in peak condition for the Olympics, thanks to recent track and field and boxing workouts. Anthony also credited daily workouts and a diet change for helping him get in shape.

It will be interesting to see the effects of those workouts when Anthony takes the floor in London with Team USA.

Here are a few other quotes from Anthony's UStream chat and appearance on ESPN Radio:

On Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby: "Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby will definitely help us in our journey to try to get to a championship, try to win a championship … We're making great strides. It's just a matter of us all coming together and willing to do what it takes to win."

More on Kidd, to ESPN Radio: "The games he's played and the way he's won in this league, we need that. ... I'm excited (to have him because) I don't have to bring the ball up and pass and do everything. I can just give him the ball and get in my spots and move without the ball."

On Jeremy Lin: "Jeremy Lin could be very very good. He's young. This is his second year in the league. I don't think you've seen the best of Jeremy Lin yet."

On Mike Woodson: "Coach Woodson just brings everything out of me and our team. He pushes us and he challenges us and I accept that."

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