Tyson talks Knicks' acquisitions

LAS VEGAS -- On Tuesday, Tyson Chandler huddled with a small group of reporters (mostly local ones from New York) before Team USA practiced at UNLV's Mendenhall Center. He discussed the team's two latest acquisitions: Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd, as well as shared what it meant for J.R. Smith to be back in New York.

Here are some of the highlights:

On Camby: "I'll obviously have a backup, and it will take some of the load off. ... He's probably a better shot-blocker than I am. He chases down shots. I'm more of a possession defender where I like to make things tough for guys, not necessarily chase down a lot of shots. We can start the fast break that way. ... I don't mind him stealing some minutes, but I can see situations down the stretch where we're trying to get stops as well as just mixing it up a little bit. We've got scoring on the perimeter, so we need finishers and guys that are going to defend and rebound."

On Kidd: "Jason is a great defender still in this league, so it's going to really help because we have some great minds now on the defensive end, as well as just vets who understand how to play the game."

On Camby and Kidd's initiative to want to play for the Knicks: "It says a lot about the organization and the team that a guy like Jason Kidd is willing come and play. He only wants to win right now. It's the same thing in a guy like Marcus Camby -- he only wants to win. It says that the organization is going in the right direction. That's the reason why I came to New York. We're going to be title contenders every year."

On Smith: "That's huge having J.R., especially with [Iman] Shumpert out. That 2-guard is very key in the NBA. We all know that J.R. can fill it up. He's great coming off the bench as well as he can be a starter, so it's huge for us to be able to bring him back. ... He takes a lot of the scoring pressure off Melo and STAT, and gives us another option for a guy who can go out there and get you 30 any night."

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