Jeffries already misses New York (again)

Jared Jeffries enjoyed both his stays in New York.

He played here from 2006-10 before being traded to the Rockets for Tracy McGrady and others. Then this week, Jeffries was officially traded once again from the Knicks -- this time to the Trail Blazers in a sign-and-trade, along with Dan Gadzuric, for Raymond Felton and former Knick Kurt Thomas.

Jeffries says he's going to miss the Big Apple, and not just for basketball.

"I'm excited about the talent Portland has," he told ESPN New York. "But I'm gonna miss New York, man. I will miss the fans and city so much. I spent so much time in New York."

Off the court, Jeffries said he's heard the fishing is good in Portland, but he's actually more excited about -- hunting. And he's done it before.

"Portland has awesome hunting," he said. "I hunt for pheasant in South Dakota most years and also some bigger game."

Jeffries is coming off Orthokine therapy in Germany to treat a right knee that was sore most of last season, and he now says he "feels great." The Knicks supported him receiving the unique treatment, which involves doctors taking the patient's own blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to make a healthy serum and then injecting it into the knee over a course of five straight days.

But the Knicks likely felt they could upgrade their frontcourt off the bench in free agency, so they made Marcus Camby their priority to serve as Tyson Chandler's backup -- Jeffries' role last season.

Win-now mode is clearly the Knicks' mindset.

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