Memo to Melo: You better win

For an NBA superstar in love with playing Hero Ball, Carmelo Anthony has a funny acquaintance with blame. Doesn't want it. Doesn't like it. He couldn't play nice with the Denver Nuggets and head coach George Karl, and in New York his pattern's been the same with Mike D'Antoni, Amare Stoudemire and now with Jeremy Lin and that "ridiculous contract" -- Melo's words -- that the Houston Rockets lured Lin away with Tuesday.

Throw in the raft of players the New York Knicks traded away to get Anthony, and how shooting guard Landry Fields melted in his presence before drifting off to Toronto, and that's a lot of tombstones for Anthony to have on his resume. So far that resume includes a whole lotta points and whole lotta noise, but just one advance past the first round of the playoffs in nine seasons, a sub.-.500 record most of his time with the Knicks, and a 1-8 postseason record in New York.

The Knicks have never looked more like Anthony's team than they do right now. And now he better damn well make them winners.

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