FDNY battled blaze at MSG

Firefighters were called to Madison Square Garden on Monday afternoon to contain a fire in a bathroom on the sixth floor of the arena, according to the FDNY.

The origin of the fire was unknown and being investigated, a spokesperson said Tuesday afternoon.

More than 125 firefighters were deployed to stop the fire. The size of the blaze was not disclosed, but it's incorrect to infer that the fire was large based solely on the amount of firefighters sent out, according to a spokesperson.

Both size and location of the building played a role into how many firefighters were sent, the spokesperson said.

The fire took about an hour to contain and generated a significant amount of smoke.

It is unclear if the fire had any affect on the Garden's ongoing renovation. Final work is scheduled to be completed this summer on the arena's sixth-floor concourse, the same floor as the fire.

The Garden did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the fire or how it may have affected the renovation, if at all.

This summer marks the second year of a three-year renovation project at MSG. The bulk of the renovation, which has forced the WNBA's Liberty to play home games in Newark, is scheduled for the NBA and NHL offseason.

This is the second fire in the past five weeks at Madison Square Garden.

On June 16, 60 firefighters responded to a fire on the roof of 8 Penn Plaza, according to the FDNY. Firefighters quickly brought the blaze under control.

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