On Patrick Ewing at 50

Patrick Ewing celebrated his 50th birthday on Sunday, bringing back memories of the Hall of Fame center who was both widely loved and widely disliked during his 15 seasons in New York.

He was loved for being the Knicks' centerpiece, leading the team to the 1994 and '99 Finals. But he was criticized for having too quiet a personality, and not being as outspoken or controversial as his league foes, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Karl Malone. Also because he could never win the big one -- despite 13 consecutive postseason appearances from 1988 to 2000.

In honor of his 50th birthday, we want to hear from you about your thoughts on Ewing. Describe what he meant to you as a Knicks fan and the impact he had on the team and the city in 50 words or less. Please include your first name and include the city and state/country you're from, and we'll call out the five best submissions Tuesday morning.

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