Fans' perspectives on Patrick Ewing

On Sunday, in honor of Patrick Ewing's 50th birthday, we asked you, the fans, to describe what he meant to you, as a Knicks fan, and the impact he had on the team and on the city in 50 words or less.

Here are the five best submissions:

5. "Ewing meant hope for me, as a Knicks Fan. You know you always had a chance when he was in the lineup. A proven force on both ends of the court."

4. "Patrick Ewing was the best player in New York Knicks history. He symbolized the Knicks during the 1990s era -- a fierce competitor who was one of the premier scorers and defenders of his generation. Although he never won a championship, he will always be admired."

3. "Patrick Ewing was 'The Madison Square Guardian' for better or worse. He was the NY Knicks. If these Knicks had even half of his toughness, they would be unstoppable.

2. "In one word, warrior. He was our rock and willed us to many a victory. I still remember the Marv Albert "Jackson to Ewing" calls when he called home games. He was never given the respect he deserves, but he was our heart and soul. Happy Birthday big man!"

1. "Patrick was an amazing Knick, the best since Walt 'Clyde' Frazier. Melo is a great player and the best since Patrick, but he'll never win Knicks fans over until he takes them deep into the playoffs."

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