Knicks fan World Peace buys Nets jacket

Metta World Peace plays for the Lakers and roots for the Knicks.

But that didn’t stop the Queens native from buying a Nets jacket.

World Peace explained his decision in a series of Tweets (@MettaWorldPeace):

I just had to buy the Brooklyn Nets jacket.. All black Too dope!!!!! I'm a knick fan but I had to get the Brooklyn joint!!

The Brooklyn gear is sick.... I'm from queens , it's mets, Knicks , jets, and rangers for me.. But I can't wear those to a club..

Can never deny or forget where you from no matter what team you play for. Laker for life.. Knick fan for life.. NYC blood type.. Always

I just did a video with Jim jones in a Brooklyn jacket.. Queens,I had to do it. But I wore a Half met half knick new York hat also in a shot

Most definitely wanna retire a laker... But don't think for a minute I will ever stop repping my city NYC all day!!