Chandler expects Knicks 'to go a long way'

No matter the team or the sport, expectations are always high in New York.

Fans of Big Apple teams pay good money to root for their teams, whether it's spent on cable fees, tickets or apparel.

And they expect a big return on their investment.

Knicks fans, of course, are no different.

They want to win, and they want to win now.

Problem is, as long as the Heat are healthy, it doesn't feel like New York has a chance to end its 40-season title drought.

Even the most optimistic fan knows that.

So the question is, how far can they advance? What are realistic expectations for this team?

We asked Tyson Chandler the other day about his expectations for this team once it becomes fully healthy (i.e. Iman Shumpert and Amare Stoudemire return).

And his answer was interesting.

"I expect us to go a long way," he said. "Coach has said from the beginning our first goal is to win the division and move on and host home court during the playoffs and move on from there. I feel like the guys that we have around here, we've got a lot of hard working guys, (who've done) a lot of winning throughout their careers and it's going to make a big difference."

QUESTION: What do you think? What are realistic expectations for this team?

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