Coach's Report: Knicks vs. Sixers

Some key pregame notes from Mike Woodson before the Knicks tipped off against the Sixers:

On getting into the flow of their first back-to-back of the season: "Philly is one of the teams that we're going to be fighting all year. We were talking about, like I mentioned the other night, winning our division and hosting first round at home. We can't afford to lose at home. We've got to protect home court. ... It's important when you step out on the floor at home that you set the stage, you dictate tempo and I thought we did that the other night."

On improvements looking ahead to the second game: "We didn't shoot the two very well. It was a 20-point game, we didn't shoot the ball very well, but it was the defense that basically won the game for us. And that's all I look at, because you're not going to shoot the ball every night. We made a bunch of 3s, but that's not going to happen every night. But if our defense can stay consistent and we rebound the ball with most teams, we'll give ourselves an opportunity to win."

On Steve Novak's big game Friday night and his potential: "He's worked on his game a little bit obviously. I think as the year goes along, he'll get better and we'll continue to work with him, where he feels comfortable putting the ball down on the floor more than one or two dribbles. I'd like to see him put it down all the way to the hole and get knocked on his butt, and go to the line and shoot free throws. When that day comes, he'll be pretty good."

On Raymond Felton's big game Friday night and his potential: "I thought he was very comfortable. This is his second time around, so he should be comfortable. I think he's still learning and trying to figure out everything that we want done from a basketball standpoint, in terms of being a leading point guard and running our ballclub. So I thought he was great. I thought he and Kidd both set the tempo in terms of how we defended early, and it carried on throughout the ball game I thought."

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