Woodson: Shoot, J.R., shoot!

J.R. Smith scored 20 points off the bench in the Knicks' victory over the Sixers on Sunday. Joe Camporeale/US Presswire

Here's something you don't hear every day ... or maybe ever: Mike Woodson had to yell at J.R. Smith to shoot in the Knicks' win over Philly on Sunday.

Smith was asked if he'd ever heard that from a coach before.

"Nah, never," Smith said with a laugh. "I've been asked so many times not to shoot. It's kind of weird."

It ended up working.

Smith had 20 points off the bench in the Knicks' win, hitting several key buckets in the second half. He also grabbed a team-high nine rebounds.

Smith shot an efficient 8-for-15 from the floor, but still managed to take a few shots that would drive most coaches nuts.

Woodson, though, was OK with it.

"Shooters are going to take some bad shots, that's just the nature of our game," Woodson said, noting Smith was "more under control" than he was at times last season.

Smith could be excused for not being solely focused on basketball this weekend. The shooting guard said his family was affected by Hurricane Sandy.

His mother's house in Millstone, N.J., was damaged by the storm, and several of his family members were affected as well.

“It affected my house pretty bad,” Smith said. “My mom’s house, rather. A lot of my family, aunts, uncles, cousins not doing so well. But it’s just trying times, you just gotta (have) everybody stick together.”

Smith was drafted by the Hornets in 2004 and was with the team a year later in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"It’s just tough," Smith said. "It gets kind of old and tired of seeing it, and just feeling for everybody else around you. It’s tough.”

TYSON TREATED AFTER THE GAME: Tyson Chandler started against Philly despite missing Saturday's practice with flu-like symptoms. He played just 21 minutes and was treated for dehydration after the game with fluids.

Chandler had seven rebounds and two points.

SHEED A CROWD FAVORITE: For the second straight game, the Madison Square Garden crowd started a "Ra-sheed Wal-lace!" chant late in the fourth quarter.

And for the second straight game, Woodson obliged, sending in Wallace for the final 3:40.

Wallace finished with three points and two rebounds. The crowd exploded when he hit a one-handed turnaround late in the fourth.

Wallace appreciates the crowd's reaction, but he doesn't feed off of it.

"It's all part of the dog and pony show. I don't necessarily say I get all emotional or hyped off of it," the 38-year-old veteran said.

ROOKIE HAZING: The Knicks' veterans engaged in a little rookie hazing with forward Chris Copeland.

Copeland, who scored his first NBA basket late in the fourth quarter on Sunday, was forced to wear a tuxedo on the team's trip to Philadelphia. He wore the tux with basketball sneakers -- Jordans, to be exact -- in what made for an interesting look.

According to a couple of veterans, 35-year-old rookie Pablo Prigioni won't be subject to any hazing.