James Dolan wins drawn-out Melo bout

Since taking over the Nets last May, owner Mikhail Prokhorov and Knicks owner James Dolan have battled on and off the court. Their cross-river competition intensified over the weekend in Los Angeles as final pitches were being made for Carmelo Anthony. But in the end, Dolan won out and got his man, even though the team went a bit overboard to get him.

Here's a look back at some of the more notable events that made Dolan-Prokhorov worth watching.

May 11, 2010: NBA approves the sale of the Nets to Prokhorov.

May 19, 2010: Prokhorov reveals in his first news conference with New York media that he originally wanted to purchase the Knicks. Prokhorov later said, "We will turn Knicks fans into Nets fans."

July 1, 2010: Nets unveil a billboard on a building across from Madison Square Garden on 33rd Street and 8th Avenue with Prokhorov and minority owner Jay-Z, which reads "the blueprint for greatness."

July 13, 2010: Knicks sign free agent Timofey Mozgov from Russia to a three-year contract. It was then reported that the Nets had a chance to get Mozgov, but instead they signed Johan Petro, who's only averaging 3.3 points and 2.4 rebounds this season.

October 27, 2010: Knicks hang a billboard of Amare Stoudemire near the site of the new Nets arena in Brooklyn with the caption reading "Brooklyn Represent."

November 28, 2010: In their preview to an upcoming game against the Nets, the Knicks run an ad during MSG Network's telecast of the Knicks' win at Detroit saying, "Hey Nets. You can walk like us, you can talk like us, but you ain't never gonna be like us."

November 30, 2010: On the day of the Knicks-Nets first meeting of the season, Prokhorov responds to the Knicks ad by saying, "I don't think we want to be like the Knicks. I think we'd more like to resemble the Lakers." The Knicks went on to win, 111-100, at the Garden.

January 19, 2011: Prokhorov tells team executives to "walk away from the deal" and their pursuit of Anthony saying, "there comes a time when the price is simply too expensive."

February 12, 2011: Knicks defeat the Nets in New Jersey, 105-95.

February 18, 2011: Nets reach a tentative agreement with the Nuggets on a trade for Anthony, pending he signs a three-year, $65 million contract extension, according to multiple sources. In the meantime, the Knicks make a trade offer to the Nuggets for Anthony.

February 20, 2011: Prokhorov essentially says at least the Nets drove up the Knicks price in trade negotiations for Anthony. "I think we made a very good tactical decision to force [the] Knicks to pay as much as they can," Prokhorov said. "So it's very good, it's very interesting, it's very competitive."

February 21, 2011: The Denver Post is the first to report that Anthony has been traded to the Knicks.

To be continued?

Source: Michael Jackson, ESPN Stats & Information

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