Melo for MVP? Whoa, there ...

ESPN Insider David Thorpe says it's time to pump the brakes on early season MVP talk for Carmelo Anthony.

While Thorpe credits Anthony for adjusting well to life at power forward, he points out that Anthony is shooting at one of the lowest rates of his career on attempts near the rim. He's also averaging near career-lows in assists, rebounding poorly (especially on the offensive glass) and not getting to the line enough.

Writes Thorpe: "The Knicks are winning on offense, with the league's best offensive efficiency numbers. But it feels a little hollow, as they are not winning on defense or the boards, where they range from 10th to 18th. Anthony's impact on both aspects of the game is at best average but nothing special, and certainly not MVP caliber.

For Thorpe's full take (Insider), click here.

Question: Based on what you've seen so far, is Thorpe right? Or is Anthony a legit MVP candidate?

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