Singin' Shumpert drops 'Knicks Anthem'

Iman Shumpert hasn't been able to take the court for the Knicks due to a knee injury.

But he picked up a mic for his team recently, putting together a song he calls "Knicks Anthem" -- an homage to the 14-4 Knicks remixed over fellow Chicago native Kanye West's "Clique."

Shumpert has a strong affinity for hip-hop and has recorded songs in the past.

Here's a sample of some of Shumpert's lyrics from the song:

1. "Went back & copped Felton/Mixed Prigioni with Jason/And oh lord help 'em"

2. "I got Novak in the corner/Mobb Deepin' when he bust/J.R. Smith be swishin'/He just steppin' back and put it up"

3. "We go like it's 2K/When I get back it's murder/We gonna do what we do/'Sup Cope/Ready now? We just went and copped Brew"

To listen to "Knicks Anthem," click here.