Shumpert seeks longevity in music career

Iman Shumpert recently sat down with ESPN's Playbook to discuss the release of his first mix tape, "Th3 #Post90s" (pronounced The Post '90s).

Shumpert will release the mix tape under the name 2wo 1ne (2-1), the same number as his Knicks jersey.

The second-year guard tells Playbook that he's aiming to have more longevity than most athlete-rappers and is striving to produce music with more depth than Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber or other athletes who've made music.

"Most of them tried so hard to make a pop song rather than make music that they like," Shumpert tells PlayBook's Sounds. "I’m not making music to get played in a club. I’m making the music that I need to get through certain situations. People gravitate towards that because it’s more real. We may be pro athletes, with all those perks, but we’re still people. And we’re going through the same things.

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