Melo the MVP? Not so fast

Carmelo Anthony has been showered with MVP chants at the Garden -- and even Barclays Center -- this season. But Basketball Reference's Justin Kubatko believes those chanting "MVP!" for Melo are ignoring Kevin Durant's fantastic season.

By taking a look at advanced metrics that quantify efficiency, passing, rebounding, turnovers and defense, Kubatko surmises that "in a head-to-head comparison of the two, it is clear that Durant's season has been superior to Anthony's in almost every way."

He adds: "Durant's clearly better season, coupled with the fact that Oklahoma City has the best record in the NBA, negates the 'best player on the best team' argument. If you're looking for the MVP of the first eight weeks of the season, look no further than Durant."

For more from Kubatko, including the specifics of his argument for Durant, click here.Insider