Opening Tip: Should Knicks star 'Melo' out?

Every weekday throughout the season, ESPNNewYork.com will tackle a burning question about the Knicks in our "Opening Tip" segment.

Today's Burning Question: Was Carmelo Anthony wrong to react the way he did after the Knicks' loss to the Celtics?

I don't like playing the role of morality cop, but I'm curious to know what you, as Knicks fans, think about what happened at the Garden on Monday night.

First off, here's a brief play-by-play:

Kevin Garnett and Anthony got into it in the fourth quarter, with Anthony yelling at Garnett near midcourt after they got tangled up on the previous play. Each player received a technical foul for the incident.

Anthony was clearly upset with Garnett. He can be seen on game footage cursing at Garnett later in the fourth quarter.

After the game, Anthony angrily walked off the floor and out of the tunnel that visiting teams use to exit the court, instead of exiting out of the Knicks' tunnel.

According to one of the sources with knowledge of the incident, Anthony approached the Celtics' locker room and was screaming. Anthony then approached Garnett near the Celtics' team bus. MSG security and the police intervened, according to a source.

A video posted by Comcast SportsNet New England showed Anthony waiting outside of the team bus as Knicks coach Mike Woodson appeared to be trying to calm Anthony down. Team and building security were also present, as were several uniformed police officers.

The incident could result in a suspension and/or fine for Anthony and Garnett.

We don't know what Garnett said to Anthony to elicit such a reaction. We've seen some of you commend Anthony for showing fire while others have said ANthony, as the face of the Knicks and a vital piece for the team, has to show more restraint.

QUESTION: What do you think? Are you OK with Anthony's reaction or would you rather he kept his composure in such situations? Does your opinion change if Anthony gets suspended by the NBA for Thursday's road game against Indiana?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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