More on mum 'Melo

MILWAUKEE -- The Knicks were off Saturday, meaning Carmelo Anthony was able to avoid the media for another day in the wake of his clam-up Friday night in Auburn Hills, Mich.

Some of the commenters in last night's post-game column argued that 'Melo should have to choice to stay silent if he so chooses. But that's not the way things are supposed to work in the NBA, where players are contractually obligated to be available to the media before and after games.

Carmelo is generally pretty media-friendly, and the league office is unlikely to fine him over this episode. But the folks at Olympic Tower are now going to keep a closer eye on Anthony over the remainder of the season. 'Melo's next opportunity to speak publicly will come Sunday afternoon prior to the Knicks' 3 p.m. tipoff against the Milwaukee Bucks.

For more on the topic, click here to listen to an interview I did on the subject with Freddie Coleman and Jonathan Cachman of ESPN Radio on Saturday afternoon.