Notes: Knicks get kick out of J.R.'s air ball

The Knicks were up 17 when J.R. Smith shot an air ball on Monday night against Detroit, so Smith's teammates were able to laugh it off. Carmelo Anthony could barely contain himself on the bench. Even the Knicks on the court were smiling.

Mike Woodson, though, wasn't chuckling. He gave Smith one of his patented "What the heck are you doing?" looks from the sideline.

Afterward, Anthony, a Baltimore product, had a funny explanation for Smith's air ball.

"I think J.R. was thinking about the Ravens," Anthony said.

WOODY SETS GOAL TO KEEP GUYS FOCUSED: Woodson wants his team to go 9-2 heading into the All-Star break. He set the goal after the Knicks came back from London to keep his team focused on basketball, not their All-Star weekend plans.

"I knew that guys might be thinking about the All-Star break and where they might decide to go, and this is not the time to lay down and think about those things. So that was the goal and we, as coaches, sat down and came up with (it)," Woodson said. "We’ve got a big goal. Big picture is to win an NBA title. That’s first and foremost, but one of the goals was to win our division and host first round at home. We’re on pace to do that. We’ve just got to stay the course."

MELO WANTS WHITE IN DUNK CONTEST: Anthony was asked after Monday's game if he wants his buddy LeBron James in the dunk contest.

He said he had another contestant in mind: Knicks reserve James White.

"That’s who I’m going with," Anthony said. "A lot of people haven’t seen James. He’s the best-kept secret."

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