Walsh nixed trade for Fernandez

An international combo of Rudy Fernandez and Danilo Gallinari would have been intriguing to watch in Mike D'Antoni's run-and-gun system, but Knicks president Donnie Walsh boxed out that notion. According to a team source, Walsh recently rejected a three-team deal that would have sent Anthony Randolph to Indiana, a first-round pick to Portland and Fernandez to New York (New York Daily News). While Fernandez would have brought dazzle to the court and even some much-needed Knicks D -- he averaged a steal per game last season -- Walsh may prefer to develop a big man in Randolph, who's only 21 and can add rebounding, especially after the loss of David Lee. And Randolph has increased his window cleaning the past two years.

Knicks notes:

  • When Amare Stoudemire said he wasn't used to his new life after scrimmaging with some of his former teammates in Phoenix the other day, that may have told a bigger story. NBA.com lists him as one of 10 players who will have a big decline this season.

  • First it was Chris Paul, then Carmelo Anthony. Could Deron Williams be rumored next to go to the Knicks (ESPN.com)?

  • Many times in sports, we hear about the star athlete who was raised in a single-parent home by his or her mother. But former Knick Allan Houston wants to bring attention to the importance of fathers' involvement in children's lives. Next weekend, as part of his Father Knows Best Basketball Tour, he will be hosting an event at the Knicks practice facility to bring fathers and their sons together through basketball and workshops.

  • Here's a trailer for NBA Elite 11, featuring a game between the Knicks and Bucks (YouTube). Oddly, Bill Walker is the starting three, but what may be more realistic is how the Knicks look after the opening tip-off: slow reacting on defense. But what's also realistic is Gallinari hitting a jumpshot after the Knicks are down 5-0 at the start of the first quarter.

  • With Facebook photo tagging so popular nowadays, scrapbooks are becoming so yesterday. But here's one you will enjoy checking out, created by a longtime Knicks fan, which celebrates the 1969-70 Knicks championship team. (NBA.com).

Jared Zwerling is a senior researcher for ESPN The Magazine and a regular contributor to ESPN RISE. You can follow him on Twitter: @jaredzwerling