Opening Tip: Should Brewer start?

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Today's Burning Question: Should Mike Woodson start Ronnie Brewer and bring Jason Kidd off of the bench?

Mike Woodson’s top priority in the second half is to get the Knicks back to playing championship level defense.

To do so, he may need to put Brewer back into the starting lineup.

Here’s what Woodson had to say about starting Brewer recently:

“Possibility. Right now I don’t like the way we’re starting games. We’ve kind of been up and down in that area. I’ve got to go back to the drawing board and figure out what I’m going to do in terms of who starts.”


Brewer, you might remember, started the first 27 games of the season.

He lost his gig because he started missing shots. Brewer's shooting slump was problematic because it allowed teams to sag off of him on defense and help on the Knicks’ other threats.

Kidd has had his own problems hitting shots of late.

In his last five games, the 39-year-old is averaging just 2.6 points in 26 minutes.

A Brewer-for-Kidd switch should also help the Knicks on defense. Brewer and Iman Shumpert are considered to be strong on-ball defenders.

It would also allow Shumpert to move to shooting guard, his natural position.

Woodson remains confident in Kidd, but says the veteran needs to “rethink” his approach over the break.

“I still got enough confidence in Kidd. He’s going to make shots when he’s really got to have him,” Woodson said. “He’s missed some good shots here as of late, some really open shots. He’ll make them eventually.”

But will he be doing so while coming off the bench?

Question: Do you think Woodson should sub Kidd for Brewer after the All-Star break or should he keep the lineup as it is?

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