Opening Tip: Where's the ball movement?

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Today's Burning Question: Mike Woodson wants the Knicks to improve the ball movement in the second half. Do you think it's an issue? And how would you fix it?

Are you Kidd-ing me?

That's one thought that seems to be rummaging in Mike Woodson's head when he watches the Knicks' offense of late.

On Tuesday, Woodson called out the Knicks, and Jason Kidd specifically, for a lack of ball movement.

Woodson said Kidd has "to be more of a facilitator" as the Knicks enter the second half.

"We just can't put it on Raymond (Felton) and Pablo (Prigioni)," Woodson said. "We brought him in here to be a facilitator too and he can do that. I think he understands where I'm coming and he was doing that earlier in the year."

"I just think now he's somewhat succumbed a little bit to let Raymond run it and he play off of Raymond. I think that the beauty of having two point guards that can run a team causes problems for opposing teams when you have them out there together. So Kidd has got to be more of a guy that facilitates too."

To a certain extent, the numbers bear out Woodson's point. The Knicks' assist numbers have been subpar compared to the rest of the league for most of the season, in part because of the slow pace at which they play.

But they've dipped since Dec. 25, when Felton was lost for five weeks with a fractured right pinky.

New York ranked 19th in overall assists in their 18-6 start. They've fallen to 30th in total assists between Dec. 26 and Feb. 18.

They've dropped from 26th to 22nd in assist ratio, a measure of possessions that end in an assist, over that same span.

Carmelo Anthony, who has operated more in isolation in recent weeks, said on Tuesday that he's noticed a problem.

"I think sometimes we stand around and try to make things happen and sometimes things don't happen, we're just looking around," Anthony said.

"I think we saw that in games that we've been losing, that's been one of the key problems."

One that Woodson wants to change.

Question: Do you think ball movement has been a problem? If so, how would you fix it?

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