Power Rankings: Knicks drop to 12th

Those "glorious first six weeks" are now a distant memory for the Knicks.

So says ESPN senior NBA writer Marc Stein, who drops the Knicks to 12th in his most recent power rankings.

Stein ranked the Knicks ninth last week. They then proceeded to lose their next three games, so it makes sense that he would drop them to 12th. Still, it's a bit surprising that he has them behind the Lakers, who are one game under .500.

Here is Stein's reasoning:

"Amar'e is starting to make his presence felt, but Melo's PER has dipped into the 23s, which isn't much higher than his career-best PER of 22.2 after he spent much of the season well above 25. Call it yet another example of how far removed the Knicks seem from those glorious first six weeks.

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Question: Do you agree? Is Stein's ranking too high? Too low?

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