Notebook: Melo not hampered by injury

Toward the end of the second quarter on Sunday afternoon, Carmelo Anthony went up for a jump shot and he suffered, what he called after the game, a hyper-extended right arm. He was subbed out and headed to the locker room for treatment.

But Anthony returned at the start of the third quarter. Though he only scored five points in the second half of the Knicks' 99-93 loss to Miami, he said he wasn't "hampered" by the injury.

"I'm fine," said Melo, who also received treatment postgame.

What he did say is that the Heat made adjustments to defend him after halftime, which affected his play.

"They were going to take the ball out of my hands in the second half," he said, also pointing to the Heat trapping and fronting him more to limit his open lanes to the basket, which were there for him in the first two quarters.

WHERE'S STAT? Amar'e Stoudemire's minutes restriction is 30 -- as determined by the team's medical staff -- but he only played 21 on Sunday. In fact, he didn't see the court in the last eight minutes of the game.

Mike Woodson wanted to counter the Heat's lineup, saying, "They were small and I went to Tyson [Chandler] to get [Chris] Bosh. We just tried to keep the matchup."

Responding to not playing when it mattered most, Stoudemire didn't seem fazed.

"It's Coach's decision, so whenever my number's called, I'm ready," he said.

THE KEY WITH THE 3: After the game, Raymond Felton spoke about why the 3-pointer is an available asset against the Heat. While the 'Bockers missed some open looks, they were there Sunday, which encouraged them to attempt 29 long balls.

"You get a lot of open looks just the way their defense is, period, on the screen and roll," he said. "They really like to make sure that Tyson doesn't get any rolls, any dunks to the basket, so that back man is always going to be open for that 3. So that's definitely big against them."

J.R. Smith, however, admitted after the game that shooting 3-for-14 from downtown made him rethink his approach for the next time.

"When you're not making your shots from the 3, you've got to get a little bit closer or try and get to the free throw line," he said.

HARLEM SHAKE FOR THE KNICKS? Recently, the Heat and the Raptors both put out their own video versions of the Harlem Shake dance craze sweeping the country. Will the Knicks do one, too?

Felton told ESPNNewYork.com that anything is possible, but wouldn't say for sure. He did, however, give props to both teams for their creativity.

"It's cool that some teams are having fun with it," he said.

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