Halftime Report: Knicks 44, Pistons 38

The Knicks are trying to weather life without Carmelo Anthony in Detroit.

But the Pistons aren't making it easy.

The Knicks were up 15 at one point in the first half but that lead was down to six when they hit the locker room.

Here are a few observations:

STRONG START FOR STAT: Some Knicks fans were upset that Amar'e Stoudemire didn't start the game tonight. But it didn't seem to bother him.

With Anthony sidelined due to a knee injury, Stoudemire came off the bench and carried the Knicks in the first half.

Amar'e had 17 points and four rebounds in just 11 minutes in the first half. He hit six of seven field goals in the half, taking advantage of mismatches near the rim. He also hit all five of his free-throw attempts.

If Mike Woodson holds to the letter of the law, Stoudemire will be available for 19 minutes in the second half. The Knicks medical staff has advised Woodson to play Stoudemire no more than 30 minutes. He played 32 minutes in the Knicks' win over Cleveland on Monday.

SLOPPY PLAY: If Woodson had any hair on his head, he probably would have pulled it out in the first half.

The Knicks had a mind-numbing eight turnovers in the first eight minutes of the game and had 14 turnovers in the half.

In the first two months of the season, they took care of the ball well, averaging fewer than 11 turnovers per game.

They had 17 on Sunday against Miami. Is this the start of a troubling trend?

Detroit had 11 points off of turnovers and chipped away at a 15-point deficit with a 13-4 run in the second.

THE GOOD AND THE BAD FOR SHUMP: Iman Shumpert looks awfully comfortable at shooting guard early on.

He's hit all three of his 3-point attempts on Wednesday, in his fourth game starting at shooting guard. Previously, Shumpert started at small forward and Jason Kidd started at off guard.

But Shumpert struggled with turnovers in the first half. He drew the ire of Woodson by handing it to the Pistons twice. Raymond Felton was much worse, turning it over five times. If the Knicks want to walk out of Detroit with a win, they'll have to take care of the ball in the second half.