Practice Report: Copeland likely to play

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- With potentially no Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire on Saturday night against the Jazz, Mike Woodson said after the morning shootaround that Chris Copeland would likely play.

"We're going to need offense," the coach said of the 28-year-old rookie, who hasn't played in the last eight Knicks games. "We've got to ride everybody. Cope becomes a player tonight."

Copeland, who's averaging 6.5 points in about 12 minutes per game, hasn't been in the rotation for defensive reasons. Woodson won't start him. He said he'll likely go with the same first five from Thursday night: Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, James White, Kurt Thomas and Tyson Chandler.

In addition to Cope, Woodson said Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin, who played well on D in 17 minutes during the Knicks' one-point loss to the Thunder on Thursday night, could also see more playing time.

"Marcus, K-Mart could play probably a little more tonight," Woodson said. "It's got to be a total team effort, and that's, to me, the beauty about what we did this summer. I mean, key guys go down, other guys have got to step up and play. It doesn't matter who it is; you've just got to perform."

On Saturday, Chandler raved about K-Mart's toughness.

"I knew that the moment they said they were going to bring him here," he said. "That's one thing he's done throughout his entire career. He's going to bring intensity, he's going to play tough-minded, he's going to be physical out there, and that's what we need."

FREEZE THAT KIDD'S BRAIN! Chandler had the quote of the morning when he talked about Jason Kidd, who turns 40 in two weeks.

"What he's been able to accomplish is unbelievable," the center said. "He has to be in your top three point guards of all time. Just the way he's played the game and has been able to evolve, his mind and brain I feel like you could freeze it or something like that and leave it for the next generation."

A B.I.G. DEAL: If you can believe it, 16 years ago to this day, arguably the greatest rapper ever, The Notorious B.I.G., was gunned down in Los Angeles. While Chandler is from California, he shared his respect for the Brooklyn-based MC.

"I'm from the West Coast, but I definitely have appreciation," he said. "Himself, 2Pac, you can go down the list. Absolutely, it's nice to be in New York. You definitely feel his presence. Big ups to Biggie today."

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