Woody: No roster additions ... for now

Mike Woodson says the Knicks will not be adding a healthy body to their ailing roster -- for now.

"We'll have a better feel as we go up the road here in the next couple weeks I would think ... but at this point our team is pretty much set. That's where we stand as I speak today," Woodson said before Wednesday's Knicks-Magic game.

Both Amar'e Stoudemire (right knee) and Rasheed Wallace (left foot) are expected to miss at least the remainder of the regular season.

Kurt Thomas is out two to four weeks with an acute stress reaction surrounding a chronic stress fracture in his right foot. Tyson Chandler is expected to miss a week with a small bulging disk in his cervical spine.

So Woodson's front line will be awfully thin for the foreseeable future.

The Knicks, though, are holding out hope that Thomas, 40, and Wallace, 38, can return during the playoffs. Same goes for Stoudemire.

"I think our team as it stands today is what it is and we're going to have to try to get Kurt and Rasheed back," said Woodson, who met with GM Glen Grunwald earlier Wednesday to assess the personnel situation. "We've just got to keep pushing because they're under contract and they're still a part of our ball club so we've got to still invest time in them and try to get them back out on the floor as well."

The team may reconsider its stance on adding a player if it becomes clear that one of the injured veterans can't make it back to the court for the postseason.

"If that's the case then we might have to," Woodson said.

If the Knicks want to add a player, they would have to cut someone from the 15-man roster.

There aren't many attractive players out there for the Knicks to consider at this point.

To be eligible for the postseason roster, a new player would need to have been waived or have had a non-guaranteed contract by March 1. D-League players are also eligible.

WOODY DEFENDS TEAM'S DECISION TO SIGN VETS: In light of injuries to some of the Knicks' veteran players, the team's strategy to sign so many veterans in the offseason has been questioned.

The Knicks have six players age 35 or older on the roster this season.

Woodson was asked on Wednesday if he'd still sign the same players again if he had the chance to reconsider.

"Absolutely. I will never back off that. Absolutely," Woodson said.

His reasoning? The team's veterans have had to play more minutes than expected due to injuries to Carmelo Anthony, Chandler, Stoudemire and Raymond Felton.

"I think we made the right move. We’re still sitting where we need to be at the top of our division," the coach said.

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