Coach's report: Chandler day to day

Before the Raptors game on Saturday night, Mike Woodson said that Tyson Chandler, who will be missing his sixth straight game with a neck strain, is day to day and continuing to receive treatment.

With the starting center sidelined, Woodson will go with the same starting lineup for the third game in a row: Pablo Prigioni, Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin.

Planning for Chandler's return, Woodson said he's not sure yet how the first five will look, but he'd like to base it around Anthony at power forward, with Martin anchoring the second unit defense.

"A lot of it can be based on personnel and who we're playing," Woodson said. "But I would still like to keep Melo at the four if I can and when we bring Tyson back in, we'll have K-Mart coming off the bench to back him up."

BIG 4-O: Jason Kidd turned 40 on Saturday and Woodson was asked to describe the future Hall of Famer's legacy in one word.

"Unbelievable, that's all you can say," he said. "To be able to play in this league that long and still be productive, most guys lost it at the age of 32, 33 years of age. ... Obviously he's taking care of himself and he's still running up and down making plays, and helping us win basketball games, and that means a lot."

Woodson said that Kidd can "absolutely" play two more years, the duration of his contract.

"He's figured out how to train and there are certain athletes that come along in a lifetime that are just, I call them, freaks, man," he said. "They just seem to keep ticking. Nothing seems to bother them or faze them from a physical standpoint or mental standpoint."

Woodson and Shumpert both joked around that Kidd doesn't need anything for his birthday.

"He's got everything that he needs," the coach said. "I just shook his hand and said, 'Happy birthday,' to him."

Said Shump, who has valued the point guard's vocal leadership, "He should get us all something."

MELO'S MINUTES: After beating the Raptors on Friday night, Woodson said he felt "bad" playing Anthony 43 minutes.

When asked about the star's playing time on Saturday, Woodson said, tongue-in-cheek, "Probably about 48 minutes." On a serious note, he said, "I'd like to keep him at about 32, 33 minutes."

Over-use may have led to Anthony's right hamstring injury, which caused him to miss six of eight games recently.

KEY VETS: Cutting an injured player to sign someone else? That doesn't appear to be the way Woodson is leaning. He's hopeful that Kurt Thomas and Rasheed Wallace will return for the playoffs, because he knows the value they'll offer with their interior defense and shooting ability off pick and pops.

"When you play teams like the Pacers, who have low-post players, we won't have to double as much," Woodson said. "That's the value of having those guys and having enough bigs."

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