Inside the world of Melo's boxing training

On Thursday, I chatted with Carmelo Anthony, and his trainer, "Hollywood Hino" Ehikhamenor, about the Knicks star's boxing training.

Melo heavily relied on the sport last summer to prepare for his transition to spending more time at power forward this season.

"I actually bumped my boxing workout up [last] offseason because I kind of had a feeling. Me and my trainer talked about that," Anthony said. "It was just a matter of taking what I was able to do in the boxing gym and really incorporate that into basketball, as far as extreme focus and going through the craziest workouts that you could possibly go through -- from running on the west side [of NYC], running up and down the streets of New York.

"People don't really understand that until you actually see me on my bike and I'm riding from Battery Park to the GW [George Washington Bridge]. It's just crazy workouts that really help me out."

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