Melo's 50: By the numbers

Carmelo Anthony tied a career high with 50 points Tuesday -- without taking a single shot in the paint. Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a look at Carmelo Anthony's 50-point night by the numbers:

• Anthony tied a career high on Tuesday, scoring 50 for the third time in his career. It was the third 50-point game this season (Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant).

• Carmelo got to 50 on Tuesday without taking a single shot in the paint. None of his 53 offensive touches originated in the paint.

• Anthony’s average shot was 20 feet from the basket and each of his 26 field goal attempts (18 makes) were at least 15 feet from the basket. Carmelo's 18 makes from at least 15 feet are the most by any player in a game over the last 17 seasons (since data tracking of such numbers became available).

• Carmelo is the only player in the last five years with 50 points and zero turnovers, a product of shooting the ball from distance rather than taking the ball to the paint.

• Anthony’s 50-point game was the fourth recorded by a visiting player against the Heat -- one in each decade of the team’s history: Alex English in 1989 (51), Michael Jordan in 1996 (50), Vince Carter in 2005 (51) and Anthony.

-- Stats courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information and ESPN’s Chris Palmer