Opening Tip: When will the drought end?

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Today's Burning Question: The Knicks haven’t won a title in 40 years. Do you think that drought will end during the Carmelo Anthony Era?

With the 1972-73 Knicks on hand to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the team’s last NBA title, most fans are no doubt wondering when the next one’s coming.

Earl “The Pearl” Monroe wasn’t ready to make any predictions on the Knicks' next title when we caught up with him Thursday, but he did talk about the ingredients required to win a championship.

One of those ingredients is that every player, from the No. 1 option to the 12th man, buys in to a common goal.

Monroe sees that with the 2012-13 Knicks. He also sees the team’s superstar playing with the right mindset -- the mindset that’s required for those playing in June.

“Anytime you’re the star of the team there are things that you need to do for your teammates,” Monroe said Thursday before he, Dick Barnett and Walt “Clyde” Frazier rang the closing bell at NASDAQ’s Time Square site. “You need to have your teammates know that you’re for them as much as they’re for you and (Carmelo’s) done that.”

Anthony this season has talked about playing with more trust in his teammates. He’s also talked about a willingness to defer to others if it translates to more wins for the Knicks.

Monroe saw that on display in Atlanta on Wednesday. Anthony had 36 points through three quarters and a legitimate shot to get 50 points for the second consecutive night. Instead of forcing the issue in the fourth quarter, he let his teammates takeover as the Knicks coasted to their 10th straight win.

Monroe noticed.

“I think now getting toward the playoffs, he understands (the sacrifices necessary to win in the postseason) and he’s there,” he said.

Question: Do you think Anthony has developed into the kind of leader that can lift a team to a title? Will the team’s 40-year title drought end in the Anthony Era?

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