Coach's report: Martin and Camby hurting

Before the Bucks game, Mike Woodson had a big smile when he took a seat in front of Red Holzman's banner for Knicks' "Legends Night," saying, "If I can ever get that many wins, that would be unbelievable."

But the conversation quickly turned to concern regarding Kenyon Martin, who was diagnosed with a sore right knee during the Hawks game on Wednesday night.

Woodson said not only would Martin not suit up against the Bucks, but also Marcus Camby would be inactive because of left plantar fasciitis, which he had dealing with from mid-January to early March.

Woodson said Camby could be out a few days, making his availability doubtful for the Knicks' game against the taller Thunder. As for Martin, Woodson called the forward's day off "precautionary."

"His knee is sore," he said. "It could be because he didn't have camp and he's played a few back-to-back games. And when Tyson was out, I was playing him because I was desperate and didn't know where else to go."

On a positive note, Tyson Chandler, who has still been experiencing some stiffness in his neck since his return from a small bulging disk in the area, will start at center against the Bucks. Woodson said Steve Novak and Chris Copeland would play additional minutes down low.

Woodson also offered some encouraging news regarding Rasheed Wallace, who's been sidelined since late February with a broken bone in his left foot.

"He's out of the boot, so that's a major plus," he said. "We'll see where he is after this week, and hopefully next week he can get out and shoot a little bit."

Here are a few other interesting quotes from Woodson during his pregame presser:

Behind Melo's offensive surge: "We've been running a little bit of everything, but everything is not geared to Melo. He's the guy that we post a lot and try to play off of him, but all the other sets are working as well in terms of our pick-and-roll basketball, and then coming out of timeouts guys are really locking in and executing."

The reunion of the 1973 championship team: "It's unbelievable. I was able to have dinner last night with these guys and they reminisced about those years, and it's amazing, 40 years, that these guys are still connected in some way. They all seem like they're friends, and to be back here in the city where they did it, in front of all these wonderful Knicks fans, I think it's a beautiful thing, man. I got autographs last night. That's how excited I was."

Takeaways from title team: "Guys like [Jason] Kidd and Tyson and Rasheed, who have won a title, they understand the dynamics of it. When you see 40 years of history, man, that's pretty special. They didn't have to come back. That just shows me, man, they were committed way back then. I think the one thing that stood out was from Senator Bradley. He said they had a lot of All-Stars on that team, but that didn't mean anything. It was the unselfish play that occurred on the floor that stood out more than anything, and that's the reason why they won a title he thought."

The current team's motto "Knickstape": "It's unity. They believe in that, and that's been from day one. Now they've got me saying it. It's all about team."

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