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Today's Burning Question: Has Carmelo Anthony changed your perception of him this season?

Back in November, Carmelo Anthony swore that he'd trust his teammates more this season than he had in years past.

And, for the most part, he's been a man of his word.

In fact, Anthony's trust in his teammates is one of the key factors in the Knicks' 2-0 lead over the Celtics.

He may have just two assists in the first two games of the series, but Anthony's willingness to give up the ball and find an open teammate has been crucial to the Knicks' success.

Here's how: Anthony has nearly the same number of points and field goal attempts in the first and second halves of his first two games against the Celtics. But the difference has been in his passing.

Anthony's passed 17 more times in the second half of the games than he has in the first half, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

That's helped the Knicks outscore the Celtics by a combined 33 points in the second halves of both games.

"He's doing a great job of passing out of the double team," Raymond Felton said.

That's a new facet to Anthony's game. In years past, he was known as a player who dribbled the ball into the ground trying to find his shot rather than looking for an open teammate. But this season, he's made quicker decisions with the ball and has been more willing to give it up for a better shot.

"I trust (my teammates) a lot, especially when things are not going well for myself," Anthony said. "I rely on my teammates more than a lot of people see."

Anthony's been known in many circles as a "me-first" player throughout his career.

But is he starting to shed that label this year?

Today's Burning Question: Has Carmelo Anthony changed your perception of him this season?

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