Celtics poke back at Knicks (and Yankees)

Celtic pride was in full effect prior to Game 6. Jim Rogash/Getty Images

BOSTON -- Shortly before tipoff of Game 6, the Knicks got a little blowback from their funeral black stunt.

The Celtics played a montage on the Jumbotron featuring photos of various Knicks players dressed in black before Game 5.

The first photo they showed was Kenyon Martin. It was preceded by a slide featuring the following quote from Martin: "We're ending this Wednesday."

The crowd went nuts.

Before that, the Celts had a montage of highlights from the Red Sox comeback against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS.

The Knicks have gotten plenty of flack for their decision to wear black before Game 5 to mimic the Celts' funeral. Instead of winning Game 5 and closing out the series, they lost to Boston at home, forcing a Game 6.

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