Felton: Pacers going after Melo's shoulder

Raymond Felton thinks the Pacers are trying to get under Carmelo Anthony's skin by targeting his injured left shoulder.

Anthony shot 10-for-28 from the field in the Knicks' Game 1 loss and seemed to be affected by Indiana's physical play.

"They're being really physical with Melo," Felton said after the game. "They're banging him, hitting him, they're going at his shoulder. It's one of those things that goes on in a series. He'll get those calls.

"Right now [they're] banging him and hitting him and trying to frustrate him. He'll be fine, and we'll be fine."

Anthony did not wish to discuss his injury after the game. But he'd said in recent days that his arm popped out of his shoulder socket on two separate occasions against the Celtics.

The first was late in Game 5 when Kevin Garnett yanked on it. In Game 6, Anthony reinjured the shoulder when he collided with Avery Bradley.

"The shoulder's the shoulder," Anthony said after Sunday's game. "It is what it is. It's not something I'll constantly talk about -- I'll deal with it, probably get some treatment for it, and get through it."

Anthony is just 35-for-110 from the floor in the past four games.

KNICKS GOING BIG? Several Knicks mentioned the possibility of playing a bigger lineup against Indiana as the series progresses.

The Knicks used Kenyon Martin and Tyson Chandler together for stretches in Game 1. Mike Woodson liked that pairing for defense, but said the Knicks lacked offense with the two big men on the floor.

He said he would implement some offensive sets for the Chandler-Martin pairing in Tuesday's practice.

"If we have to go big, it's something we have to do," Felton said.

With Chandler and Martin on the floor, Anthony will play small forward, his natural position. Anthony, it's worth noting, won a scoring title this year while playing primarily at power forward, where he took advantage of mismatches on the defensive end.

BY GEORGE! How good was Paul George's defense on Sunday? According to ESPN Stats & Information, Anthony and J.R. Smith went a combined 5-for-24 when defended by George. They were 9-for-19 against other defenders.

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