Notebook: Team expects Chandler boost

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- In Game 1, Tyson Chandler couldn't have been more outplayed by his defensive assignment. While Roy Hibbert had 14 points, eight rebounds, five blocks and four assists, Chandler only had four points, three rebounds and two blocks.

Afterward, Mike Woodson said, "I've got to get Tyson [Chandler] playing better than Hibbert."

In the first quarter, however, Chandler was off to a hot start. He had two blocks and an alley-oop dunk from Raymond Felton. But as the game went on, the Knicks pulled away from the pick-and-roll, and the second half was dominated by Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith in isolation. There were also times Chandler played more together with Kenyon Martin to counter the Pacers' size, but the tandem had trouble generating points.

After Sunday's loss, Woodson said he would formulate a better offensive strategy with Chandler and Martin on the court at the same time. But in general, the team expects Chandler to bounce back in Game 2, even though there are still questions about his health.

"He's a professional, he's a champion, so I look for him to have a better game tomorrow night," Jason Kidd said.

Anthony said there's no added pressure on Chandler to step it up on Tuesday night, as the center already knows what he has to do.

"We do ask a lot of Tyson [Chandler], which we did all season long, but as far as Tyson's role -- play defense, set pick-and-rolls, get open, lobs, Raymond [Felton] finding him -- he creates havoc on the defensive end," Melo said. "That's what we look for from Tyson. I don't think it's any added pressure on Tyson."

GAME 2 "CRITICAL": No one on the Knicks wants to go down 0-2 heading back to Indiana. On Monday, Woodson spoke about the urgency his team is taking into Game 2.

"It’s very critical," he said. "We've got to do everything we can do to possibly win the game."

On Sunday, the Knicks lost Game 1 of a playoff series at home for the first time since the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals against Indiana. They lost that series in seven games.

Many Knicks pointed to a lack of hustle for their Game 1 loss. Anthony, who missed 18 of 28 shots on Sunday, believes the Knicks won't get outworked on Tuesday.

"For the most part, everything was effort [on Sunday]," he said. "In our minds, we can not get outworked like we did Sunday and that will be the adjustment that we make."

NO CHANGES TO STARTING FIVE: Some Knicks suggested on Sunday that the Knicks may go to a bigger lineup for Game 2. Woodson on Monday, though, said he will stick with the same starting five.

"It's too early in the series [to make a change]," he said. "I thought we came out, we held our own at the start of the game. It had nothing to do with who started at the 4 or the 5. We came out of the [first] quarter up five points, went up as many as seven to start the second quarter."

MELO "FRUSTRATED" WITH THE CALLS? Anthony got to the paint several times on Sunday and seemed to take contact. But he didn't get the call from the officials. On one drive, he seemed to get hit in the head by Hibbert on a dunk attempt. No call.

On Monday, Melo was asked if he was getting the proper respect from the refs.

"I don't know. [Shoot], I guess I've got to earn my respect," he said. "It gets frustrating sometimes out there, but I try not to let that negativity sink in."

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