Sir Charles rips the Knicks, again

This isn't exactly breaking news, but Charles Barkley has no sympathy for Knicks fans.

"If you guys had listened to me six months ago you wouldn't be so depressed today," Barkley said Monday on "The Mike Lupica Show" on ESPN NY 98.7 FM. "I told you, I said three things: No. 1, those old geezers can't stay healthy, which happened. You can't keep shooting 3's like that. The biggest problem they got, they can't rebound the ball. They got a little bit better when Kenyon Martin came along but that was going to be the thing that always came back to (hurt them)."

Listen to the complete interview:

PlayThe Knicks were outrebounded by an average of 10.4 boards per game in the Pacers series. They were outrebounded in each of their four losses.

"You've got to be able to rebound the ball man, you can't get hammered night after night because, what happens, it puts so much pressure on your jump-shooting," said Barkley, a longtime Knicks antagonist.

Barkley believes the Knicks didn't have the personnel to match the Pacers on the front line. He called Indiana "one of the most physically imposing teams that I've seen in the NBA in a long time."

Barkley, a TNT analyst, also said the Knicks need to add a big man to help defend and rebound.

"That's their biggest weakness," he said. "If they don't find a big guy to help Tyson Chandler ... it's going to be Groundhog Day."

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