Melo's last shot: Good or bad?

BOSTON -- Carmelo Anthony has been hitting 3-pointers from waaaaay behind the 3-point arc for a few weeks now. He is extremely confident taking those types of shots, and he was shooting 3s at a .424 clip since joining the Knicks.

But was yesterday's attempted game-winner a good one or a bad one?

I say the latter. (I also believe Kevin Garnett got away with tripping Toney Douglas just moments before Ray Allen hit the go-ahead shot).

From my NBA chat today on ESPN.com's NBA page:

J. Ricardo (St. Charles, MO)

Do you see Melo's terrible shot last night as an example of this epidemic that the media is responsible for when it comes to 'closer' situations? You guys have put Kobe on such a pedestal over the years for taking terrible shots at the end of games that we're now seeing it trickle down?

Chris Sheridan

(2:48 PM)

I don't see it quite that way. He made a shot almost identical to that one a week and a half ago in Philadelphia. He has been making 3s from well behind the arc at a pretty impressive clip. But that being said, I think in that instance he should have realized he had enough time to get closer to the hoop and either draw a foul or pass out of a collapsing defense. But the Knicks are going to put the ball in his hands at the end of games, just like the Lakers do with Kobe. So get used to it, it'll be happening for four more years. And like Kobe, sometimes he'll make and sometimes he'll miss. But both of them are equally confident in their ability to hit those types of shots, and they live for moments like those.

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