Melo: 'Night and day' difference in shoulder

NEW YORK -- Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony says the small shoulder tear he suffered late last season is no longer an issue.

"I'm good. My shoulder feels good," he said Saturday at his annual youth camp at Queens College.

An MRI taken shortly after the season showed that Anthony had suffered a small tear in his left shoulder. He said the injury affected him in the playoffs.

"I was surprised that I was able to get through it the way that I did," Anthony said Saturday. "When it happened, I knew something was wrong with it, and I was kind of being a little bit naive and trying to fight it and toughen it out. But to feel the difference now ... it's night and day."

Anthony and the Knicks opted to rest the injury instead of repairing it surgically.

Anthony said he consulted with the Knicks' medical staff on the issue and that they had discussions for "hours and hours."

Ultimately, the decision to forgo surgery was Anthony's alone.

"At the end of the day, it was my body, and if I felt as though I needed to go get surgery, I was going to get surgery," he said. "But at that point, I was hoping up until that first MRI [in late June] that I didn't need surgery, and the almighty man was with me."

Anthony and the Knicks decided to wait approximately a week to get his knee drained in March when it was apparent that fluid buildup was affecting him on the floor.

"I'm not really a big fan of surgical procedures," Anthony said.

The next test for Anthony's shoulder will be contact. The injury began bothering him shortly before the postseason, and the constant pounding from opponents during the playoffs exacerbated the issue.

QUESTION: Do you think Anthony should have had surgery to repair his shoulder or are you confident that he will make it through the season healthy?

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