Shump reacts to controversial song

A day after making headlines for having a track on Michelle Obama's healthy living-conscious hip-hop album, Iman Shumpert, who calls himself a "two-headed monster" for being able to play basketball and rap, has released some new rhymes.

This time, they're for a whole different reason. Here's why:

Earlier this week, rapper Kendrick Lamar was featured on a song called "Control," in which he started a lyrical battle with a variety of established hip-hop artists.

Lamar's verses shook up the entire hip-hop community, with a variety of rappers creating their own comebacks -- many dissing the originator. But they even resonated outside of the musical genre. Phil Jackson, who is mentioned in "Control" after Lamar said he's "uncoachable," tweeted, "It's okay to be cocky and sure, but we all need somebody to lean on. Let's just call it mentoring."

Now Shumpert, who raps religiously and has even dropped his own album, responded to Lamar's lyrics with his song "Dear Kendrick."