How would you fill out the Knicks roster?

As training camp approaches, NBA teams are working out free agents in search of a player who can make an impact in camp -- and maybe steal a roster spot.

The Knicks are no different.

They've brought in several players over the past few days and will continue to do so for the rest of the month in search of a player who can make an impact.

Players such as Ricky Davis, DeSagana Diop, Justin Brownlee, Ike Diogu, Cole Aldrich and Josh Powell have worked out at the Knicks training facility in Greenburgh, N.Y.

Will one of those free agents show enough to earn an invite to training camp? That's unclear at this point.

The Knicks have 16 players under contract, one more than the league maximum. 12 of those 16 players are under guaranteed contracts.

So, in theory, the Knicks have three roster spots up for grabs.

They can invite as many players to camp as they choose.

With that in mind, we'd like to know how you'd fill out the rest of the Knicks' roster:

WOULD YOU ADD A BIG? GM Glen Grunwald said earlier this summer that the Knicks may look to add a seven-footer. The thinking behind that would be to find a suitable backup Tyson Chandler now that Marcus Camby is out of town.

That hasn't happened yet.

The Knicks signed Jeremy Tyler, but, can they trust the 22-year-old to guard the league's premier centers? Tyler also had surgery to repair a break in his right metatarsal and is expected to miss all of training camp.

So it looks like the Knicks still have a void to fill at center, unless you trust that Kenyon Martin, Amar'e Stoudemire and/or Andrea Bargnani are adequate backups for Chandler.

Aldrich is an intriguing candidate here, as is fellow free agent center Earl Barron. Hamed Haddadi worked out earlier this month but the sense I get is that the Knicks were not all that enamored with the seven-footer.

If you're Grunwald, would you look to add a center to backup Chandler?

OR WOULD YOU ADD A FORWARD? The Knicks have a glut of players who can play power forward, so it doesn't make much sense to add another here.

Small forward, though, is another story.

On paper, small forward seems to be the position with the least depth for the Knicks.

In theory, Mike Woodson can ask Anthony to play small forward, but that would take away some of the mismatches that he enjoyed last season on the way to an NBA scoring title.

If Anthony plays power forward, the Knicks can ask World Peace or Iman Shumpert to play small forward. Shumpert can handle the load at the three but, in a perfect world, he'd be better suited to play shooting guard.

Beyond that, the Knicks can ask rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. to play small forward, but it isn't clear yet if he can fulfill that role at the NBA level. With J.R. Smith out due to injury and suspension, the Knicks are a bit short at the three.

If your Grunwald, do you use one of your final roster spots to provide depth at small forward?

OR WOULD YOU ADD A GUARD? The Knicks seem to be set in the backcourt. They have three point guards signed to guaranteed contracts (Raymond Felton, Pablo Prigioni and Beno Udrih) and a promising PG/SG in camp in Toure' Murry.

They can ask Felton to play shooting guard in a two-point guard lineup, as Woodson did last year when he started Felton and Prigioni in the same back court.

They also have Shumpert, Smith (when he's healthy and serves his five-game suspension for violated the NBA's Anti-Drug policy) and Hardaway Jr. to play shooting guard.

That should be enough depth. But if Shumpert or Hardaway Jr. suffer an injury early in the season, it would leave the Knicks a bit thin at shooting guard.

So, would you use one of your final roster spots to add a guard if you were calling the shots?

QUESTION: If you were the Knicks' GM, how would you fill out the rest of the roster?

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