Get set for must-see MWP

Metta World Peace is ready to play in Toronto. Against which team, he has no idea. Mark L. Baer/USA TODAY Sports

Metta World Peace's postgame interview sessions might be must-see TV this season.

Following the Knicks’ first game of the preseason, viewers of MSG’s postgame show got a taste of some classic MWP -- a delightful combination of candid observations and sometimes confusing but highly entertaining comments. He gave a preview of this at Knicks media day.

MWP was asked Wednesday what his thoughts were about the Knicks’ first preseason outing.

“It’s hard to say,” World Peace said. “It’s just hard to say. Honestly, I forget stuff so fast. Like today, I asked big fella, ‘When we go to Toronto, who do we play?’

“The rookie, he laughed at me,” he continued, not clarifying which rookie or which big fella he meant. “So it’s more about the long haul for me. Very rarely will I have comments on the game. I’m hoping to be there in June. That’s the biggest comments I can give will be in June. Right now, my comments don’t really mean anything.”

In his Knicks debut, MWP wore Laker-colored shoes instead of blue and orange kicks. Here’s his explanation: “I have orange and blue ones coming. And my company is a small company, and it takes us longer to manufacture shoes, so we just can’t get them on time all the time, but the shoes are coming and they’re pretty cool.”

MWP also has a refreshing way of breaking down basketball. He had this great quote on rookie Tim Hardaway Jr., who hit a big shot at the end of the Knicks’ win over the Celtics.

“I like that,” MWP said. “Wow. Sometimes a stat don’t show what a guy has in him. And there’s no stat for what’s in his heart.”

Stay tuned for MWP postgame interview session No. 2 -- after the Knicks play (say it with us) the Raptors on Friday night.