NBA GM survey: Nets > Knicks

When it comes to who’s the best team in New York, NBA general managers believe the Brooklyn Nets are better than the New York Knicks.

In NBA.com’s 12th annual GM Survey, the Nets were voted to win the Atlantic Division by a 75.9 percent clip. The Knicks got the remaining 24.1 percent of the vote.

All 30 general managers say the Nets and Knicks will not win the 2014 NBA Finals. Over 75 percent voted for the Heat to win again with Indiana, San Antonio, Chicago, L.A. Clippers and Oklahoma City also receiving votes.

GMs also believe Miami will win the East with 86.2 percent voting for the Heat to take the conference. Indiana and Chicago were a distant second and third in the voting for the conference title.

Las Vegas odds maker Bovada recently had the Nets at 10-1 odds to win the championship this season, behind Miami (2-1), Chicago (8-1), Oklahoma City (8-1) and the L.A. Clippers (9-1). The Knicks were given 22-1 odds to win it all. Bovada also had the Nets at 11-2 odds to win the Eastern Conference with the Knicks behind at 9-1 odds.

Here is how the Knicks and Nets did in some of the categories the GMs voted on:

Carmelo Anthony received votes for who will win MVP this season but finished third behind LeBron James (69%) and Kevin Durant (24.1%).

• The Nets were second (24.1%) behind Houston (55.2%) for the GM’s vote on which team made the best moves this offseason.

• The Nets also finished tied for second (13.3%) behind Detroit (16.7%) for most improved team this season.

• The Nets tied with Golden State for the most surprising move of the offseason with their trade for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. The Warriors’ move was acquiring Andre Iguodala. The Andrei Kirilenko signing with the Nets was voted third most surprising (14.3%).

• Kirilenko also tied with New Orleans’ Jrue Holiday and Indiana’s Luis Scola as the most underrated player acquisition.

• Knicks fans might be disappointed to see that Tyson Chandler is not considered one of the top five interior defenders in the NBA. Dwight Howard (46.7%) was voted first with Joakim Noah (16.7%) second. Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert and Serge Ibaka tied for third (10%) as Chandler is listed as also receiving votes.

• Here’s a vote Jason Kidd will agree with the GMs on -- Lawrence Frank is considered to be the best assistant coach in the NBA (21.4%).

• GMs have Carmelo ranked third as the player best at getting his own shot, behind Durant (33.3%) and Kobe Bryant (26.7%). GMs, though, had Melo (16.7%) ahead of LeBron (10%).

• Toughest player in the NBA? Garnett finished tied for third (6.9%) behind Kobe (31%) and David West (13.8%).

• Garnett did finish second (23.3%) behind Tim Duncan (30%) for best leader.

• We’ll leave you with this one: Which player would the GM’s want to take the shot with the game on the line? Over 39% picked Durant to take the shot. Kobe finished second (32.1%) and Carmelo tied LeBron for third at 7.1%.

So tell us what you guys think? Agree or disagree with the GMs?